whe are what we do!

NGO NoSuffer shows activity in various fields and spheres, which can be grouped in the following:

We implement projects, inclusion and consulting programs

We are going to implement the most important and timely projects, social inclusion programs, consultation activities, all aimed to improving the quality of life.

We build people networks

We value human resources, involving the best and most soulful people, the most ambitious and active members of society and the most disadvantaged beneficiaries.

Human Rights
We promote the human rights

We fight for the defense and promotion of Fundamental Human Rights, including the access of the population to diverse and quality medical and social services.

Health education
We support health education

We promote activities and programs of health education of the population, which targets all social categories, from children to the elderly, on various topics and fields, training volunteers.

Suport and care
We take care and offer support

We support people in difficulty, materializing care through home care services, delivery of necessary products, providing psychological support.

Youth motivating
We motivate and empower young people

We mobilize the youth by involving them in various activities, programs, projects on the edge of the goals and mission proposed by the Non-Government Organization NoSuffer .