Make happy an Elder

This project was started on 10.05.2020 in some localities of Hincesti district, where 15 beneficiaries benefited from our support and care. We offered care and attention, but we also received tears of joy as a gift. All these things were possible only with the help and support of the people with great souls who contributed to bring in the homes of these elders some moments of happiness.


With the contribution of people with big souls, NGO Nosuffer continues the "Make happy an elder" campaign, where another 15 elderly people from district Telenești, have benefited for a food basket and products for personal hygiene. We carefully chose the products and delivered them to the door of these old people, taking account the epidemiological conditions in our the country, we tried our best to respect all protection measures. Find here some pictures where we captured the gratitude and emotions of these people.


NGO NoSuffer team, with the support of kind people, continues the “Make happy an elder” campaign. The money donated in recent months reached another 15 elderly people in difficulty in Straseni district, on September 21, 2020, they received a package with products of strict necessity (food and personal hygiene).

🙏💝 We truly thank the donors, the patrons, all those who contributed that the world around us becomes a better place.